Trackless mobile

Our innovative new trackless mobile cabinets offer all the advantages of traditional roller racking, but with a modern design, and the added benefits of lower maintenance levels, and quicker installation.

As with our entire mobile shelving range, the trackless mobile file storage option is an incredibly space-efficient storage solution and is suitable for use in various industries and sectors – particularly in office or commercial environments.

It not only increases storage capacity, but can also reduce the footprint occupied particularly in comparison to filing cabinets or static shelves. This frees up space for other uses. With its choice of practical operation methods (i.e. mechanical wheels or push/pull handles) our trackless mobile storage solution is so easy to use, it can actually increase retrieval rate efficiency.

Our trackless mobile shelving can be installed with minimum disruption to your workplace, as only one guide rail is fixed along the rear of the system. This removes the need for fixed tracks in the floor, leaving clear unobstructed aisles which not only looks smarter but reduces trip hazards and potential obstacles for trolleys or steps.

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